KOSO CLUB expands


KOSO CLUB, with residents Soldal and Svani, have the honour to welcome Hanneks and Piiksigram as new members to the family. Next KOSO CLUB event is June 21st, in the meantime, let’s get to know them.

Photo: Martine Stenberg

Photo: Martine Stenberg


1. Top 3 favourite things or inspirations

What inspires me are fearless DJs who dare to step outside the box in regards of both genre and style, the city of Oslo and my brother, Are, who always supports me in everything I do.

2. Top 3 tracks right now

NCAA by 2 Chainz

Aesthetics Of A Maniac Catgirl by Teya Logos

To The Heaven Above by MRD

3. Can you describe your sound / Style as a DJ?

I like to visualize the mood in a nightclub when I look for music to bring with me to sets or in my mixes. It`s important that it feels authentic to me, so I always play what I would like to dance to myself. I can`t seem to stick to a specific genre but that`s not my aim either. It may relate to that I easily get bored if the DJ plays their whole set with the same BPM and style all night. I love everything from hip hop to darker techno, so I always try to make different genre sound good together without confusing the audience too much.

4. What`s your best KOSO CLUB memory

It`s tempting to say when I guested KOSO CLUB myself in January. That was so much fun! But I must mention the night Lyzza played with Svani and Soldal in November 2018. The whole floor was shaking because of all the people dancing, and everyone acted as if they were bestfriends and not strangers.

5. What`s your hopes for KOSO CLUB?

I believe we can continue to create an environment that welcomes everyone. You don`t have to wear the right clothes or be a specific type of person to come and dance with us. I also hope KOSO CLUB will continue to support up-and-coming female DJs, which is very important to me. I`m honoured to be included in the group myself and I`ll do my best to keep KOSO CLUB relevant in the club scene in Oslo.

6. What to expect at a KOSO CLUB night?

First and foremost, all the great DJs. Also a good atmosphere and the feeling of belonging to a family of clubbers.


1. Top 3 favourite things or inspirations

Oh, I get inspired by loads of things, so combined faves that inspire me: my awesome and talented friends, Instagram and RuPaul’s Drag Race (obvi!)

2. Top 3 tracks right now

I’m on Top by Otha

Don’t Tell Me by Madonna

Lil Bebe by DaniLeigh

3. Can you brief describe your sound/style as a DJ?

I have a very eclectic music taste and that effects what i play. On slower evenings with lower bpm, I usually play a bit more old classics. But I love rhythm and bass elements on late nights, especially those tracks you can dance to! And I usually tend to play more epic remixes by empowering female artists of colour like Rihanna, SZA, and Tink.

4. What’s your best KOSO CLUB memory

There’s sooo many good ones! Mobile Girl was a wild night for sure! More to come!!!

5. What’s your hopes for KOSO CLUB?

More music, more wildness, more epicness - more of everything

6. What to expect at a KOSO CLUB night?

It’s hot and sweaty in a good way. Good energy positive vibes and a whole dance floor full of people dancing to the best DJs!

Next KOSO CLUB event is June 21st with special guest TBA.