Synne Sandens FLOWER


FLOWER is Synne Sanden's third single and music video from her upcoming album IMITATION which will be released on Friday the 13th of September on Nordic Records.

«FLOWER is a sore and melancholic song about feeling inadequate and submissive compared to someone you admire» Synne says.

It is produced by Thomas Dybdahl, who also features the song, and was recorded on rainy days in Dybdahl's intimate and warm studio in Stavanger. For some time now Synne has been Thomas' duet partner, and over the years they have developed a close collaboration. They bring this shared understanding of human vulnerability into the recording and production. This resulted in an intimate song where Synne and Thomas play a prepared piano and an old Hammond organ. Kenneth Lien contributes with distinctive parts on fiddle and Julie Kleive choirs with beautiful falsetto. Synne's voice is so tender that it sounds like she's about to burst, but manages to sing you softly into your ear instead.

The music video is directed and edited by KOSO’s own Linnea Syversen, who also directed Synnes last two videos from the IMITATION album. «When I heard Flower for the first time, it touched me right away. The gentle and tender yet strong voice of Synne is impossible not to let under my skin» Linnea says.

«It was meaningful to me to use Akerøya on Hvaler as a location as this is a place with affection and memories. We wanted to get into an intense flow and create a universe where we could improvise in the unspoiled landscape. This working method, in addition to having some concrete ideas in advance, works very well for us. We spent the night in a tent which gave us the opportunity to film frequently throughout the day and night. It’s challenging, but also incredibly inspiring and really makes me feel my motivation for making the video.»

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