Siri Byrkjedal

political singer-songwriter


Siri Byrkjedal provides the music we all need, in today's chaotic society and emerging climate crisis.

Dark Cloud is the first single from Byrkjedal's upcoming debut Songs for a restless world, a protest song album with a modern twist and political message. Dark Cloud is a close, meditative and moving song that describes both the minor details and the big frames of the human situation. Siri Byrkjedal addresses the global, environmental challenge and takes it down to a human and relatable level, creating a sharp contrast between the beautiful and the brutal.

“When one flies over Beirut and looks down at the city, it looks like a black cloud. This is the result of the dramatic increase of pollution in the world. Inside the cloud there are people, they live and breathe, and that air is an inevitable part of the whole” says Byrkjedal about the inspiration for writing the song.

By addressing the concerns of young and socially conscious people about the world and our future, Byrkjedal invites us to a space where one can contemplate on these feelings together: “I made the album Songs for a restless world for everyone who feels worried for the future, but at the same time have the urge to make the world a little bit better.”

In today's self-centered and splitted society, Siri Byrkjedal definitely creates a much needed togetherness in the chaos.

Photo: Rakel Emhjellen Paulsen