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Norwegian DJ Soldal waves rhythmic, bass driven music with laser sharp synths in her own genre bending way. A carefully curated selection of tunes that makes up together as the perfect club experience. Throughout the past few years Soldal has made herself visible in the DJ scene playing across influential venues and festivals in Norway, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin and Paris. She has been playing alongside DJ’s like Total Freedom, Kingdom, Zora Jones and MikeQ to mention a few. Soldal has released music on Classical Trax, made remixes and clubbing mixes for Rinse France, Hotel Radio Paris, Còmeme Radio and for the renowned label Mad Decent. In 2018 she had the honour to play at Øyafestivalen, alongside her colleague SVANI. Soldal is also DJ for Kiki House of Meraki.

Soldal co founded KOSO CLUB, a club concept runned by Soldal and SVANI. The club was awarded “Best Club Concept” 2017 by Natt&Dag, Norway.

Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise


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